Our History


During a visit to her native Venezuela, Am鲩ca Soler-Everhart saw a critical need ௯r rural families couldn’t afford books for their children, and there were no public libraries, which meant that whenever a child needed a book or wanted to study after school, there was no place to go.


Driven to help, Am鲩ca set up a bookcase with donated books in her mother’s home, and when neighborhood children came by to read or study they would call the bookcase , “La Peque᠂iblioteca” (The Little Library). La Peque᠂iblioteca was a success, but so many children needed books that Am鲩ca decided to organize volunteers and in 2002 founded FUNDVEC, or Fundacienezolana Educaci Cultura (Venezuelan Foundation for Education & Culture)...

Our Impact


Our Vision 

Impoverished rural people in Venezuela enriching their lives by reading for knowledge and enjoyment.

Our Mission

To provide free access to quality books for disadvantaged rural citizens in Venezuela.

The Challenge

Inadequate education 鳠a major cause for 53% of Venezuela’s rural populace living in poverty.

2 of 3 children enter school unprepared to learn or read (only 45% reach the 9th grade).



Most parents do not understand the critical importance of reading to their children.

Poor families lack age-appropriate books in homes and schools.


The Solution: FUNDVEC’s Rural Library Projects

Biblioteca P쩣a El PᲡmo

A free public library that provides 11 rural villages with access to over 1500 quality books, 2 computers with learning & business software, audio-visual media, reading programs and workshops.

Seeds of Knowledge Bookcase Libraries

Bookcases filled with age-appropriate books for children in preschools, kindergartens, and first-grade classrooms; teachers and parents are encouraged to read aloud to their children every day to instill basic pre-literacy skills.

How our projects are making a difference:

90% or better K12-grade student success rate since Biblioteca P쩣a El PᲡmo opened in 2004.

With ample age-appropriate books, teachers are adding more read-aloud activities, and children are enjoying and are much more interested in books.

Parents are realizing the importance and spending more time reading to their children.

Children’s early literacy skills are improving significantly.



“The books are in the hands of children who have never before held a book. Each book will be read over and over again.”

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Adelaide Pedrique,


Caser�Las Campechanas Rural Preschool

“When you want to teach children to think, you begin by . . . making them readers and thinkers of significant thoughts. . . .”

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

British philosopher and mathematician

“Education is truly critical to overcome poverty and create prosperity. . .”

Felipe S᥺

World Bank’s resident representative in Venezuela.


FUNDVEC’S Board of Directors is made up of community volunteers who subscribe to the FUNDVEC’s mission statement. Board members are expected to attend annual meetings, take part in the review and funding of programs, actively engage in fundraising as appropriate, and contribute financially to the Foundation as personal means permit.

Board Members

Am鲩ca Soler-Everhart, President

Lillian Trillo, Secretary

Fiona Henderson, Treasurer


Kevin Stetson Rodriguez



Doris Albornoz

Carmen Madriz-Barnes

Shirley Cooper

Craig L Everhart

David L. Everhart

Mayra Madriz

Patrick Mahoney

Robert Morey

Juan Carlos Ortega

Graciela Pagano

Edward & Barbara Portoni

Giuliana Rodrigues

Rub鮠& Marian Rodriguez

Carmen Luisa Ruiz

Christ (Chiquy) Mejia

Matt & Nakar�mall

Juana Enr�ez Tang

H飴or Fortuny Tepedino

Laurie Weber

Alex Esparza