Our History


During a visit to her native Venezuela, Am鲩ca Soler-Everhart saw a critical need ௯r rural families couldn’t afford books for their children, and there were no public libraries, which meant that whenever a child needed a book or wanted to study after school, there was no place to go.


Driven to help, Am鲩ca set up a bookcase with donated books in her mother’s home, and when neighborhood children came by to read or study they would call the bookcase , “La Peque᠂iblioteca” (The Little Library). La Peque᠂iblioteca was a success, but so many children needed books that Am鲩ca decided to organize volunteers and in 2002 founded FUNDVEC, or Fundacienezolana Educaci Cultura (Venezuelan Foundation for Education & Culture).


Fundraising efforts got underway and in 2004 FUNDVEC built a library, Biblioteca P쩣a El PᲡmo in the rural village of Caser�El PᲡmo near Valle de La Pascua, GuᲩco State. The library provides 11 rural caserios (villages) with books and publications, computers, audio-visual learning media and workshops. Children from all over the region came to the library, but teachers reported that many were still reading below average. They knew that reading aloud to children was crucial in developing basic pre-literacy skills, but few rural parents read to their children. A major factor was the lack of adequate books ௯r families in remote areas had none and their children’s classrooms never had enough.


To help isolated rural children become good readers, FUNDVEC launched the Seeds of Knowledge Bookcase Libraries Project in 2007, which installs special bookcases filled with age-appropriate books in rural preschools and classrooms and encourages parents and teachers to read to children every day.


Today, Biblioteca P쩣a El PᲡmo is a vibrant oasis of learning for 11 rural villages, and pre-school children are becoming eager readers as they listen to wonderful stories from 19 Seeds of Knowledge Bookcase Libraries (so far!) that have been built by generous FUNDVEC supporters.



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