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One of the root causes for over half of Venezuela’s rural population living in poverty is the lack of access to basic services such as education.


The absence of age-appropriate books in homes and schools and an alarming shortage of accessible public libraries discourage rural children and adults from achieving adequate education or enriching their lives through personal self-development.


FUNDVEC Library Projects are giving these citizens hope by providing free access to up-to-date, quality books.



Biblioteca Pública El Páramo (El Páramo Public Library)

In Venezuela’s central plains, families in the village of Caserío El Páramo (near Valle de La Pascua, Guárico State), faced a serious problem – lack of books, which was causing children to fail and drop-out of school. To help, FUNDVEC volunteers partnered with the rural community and in 2004 built Biblioteca Pública El Páramo, a public library that provides free access to vital resources such as:


Over 1500 books and publications for academic and personal development as well as reading enjoyment, and a Lending Library with over 200 fiction & non-fiction books.

2 public-access computers, audio-visual equipment and learning media.

After school reading clubs and health education workshops.

Clean, modern facility with comfortable reading and studying environment.


Biblioteca Pública El Páramo is conveniently located, and with the K12-grade school around the corner, students can study and work on projects. With over 10,000 visits a year, the library serves 11 caserios (villages) and plays a central role in inspiring reading. The results are impressive – since Biblioteca Pública El Páramo opened, graduation rates have improved steadily and the drop-out rate has declined.



Library Map Direction

Biblioteca Pública El Páramo



Pass/Fail rates of K12-grade students at DC 20 Escuela Rural (DC 20 Rural School) Caserío

El Páramo, Guárico State, Venezuela

Source: Director, DC 20 Escuela Rural, Caserío El Páramo,

Valle de La Pascua, Guárico State, Venezuel.