Seeds of Knowledge Bookcase Libraries

Poor rural children in Venezuela enter primary school unprepared because they aren’t acquiring basic pre-literacy skills that are crucial for learning to read. Why? Not only do parents fail to understand the importance of reading aloud to their children, but they have no children’s books at home or in school.

To help children become good readers, FUNDVEC launched the Seeds of Knowledge Bookcase Libraries Project in 2007, which is designed to:

Provide preschool children with age-appropriate books in their own special bookcase library;

Encourage parents and teachers to read aloud with their children every day;

Engage parents and teachers to help maintain their children’s bookcase library, which educates isolated rural communities about libraries and literacy issues.

Seeds of Knowledge Bookcase Libraries are affordable!

A small Bookcase Library (holds 30 books) costs $475.00

A large Bookcase Library (holds 40 books) costs $550.00

A special plaque is included to honor the donor’s gift and (if requested) commemorate a loved one.

Generous sponsors have helped build 19 Seeds of Knowledge Bookcase Libraries in children’s schools so far. If you would like to help children learn to read and succeed, please email us at


"Reading books to children is a powerful way of introducing them to literacy and it is the one early experience that has been identified as making a difference in later success in learning to read in school."

Anderson, Hiebert, Scott & Wilkinson, 1985